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extends the look to 9thdawnclunkycontrolsextendededition. version 1.5.0 also made it possible to remove the display of alpha in those controls, allowing a semi-transparent button background to show through. if you are running 9thdawnclunkycontrols off-line, make sure you have the latest version before installing. otherwise, you'll find updates in the file system where the program is installed.



desktop bundles the downloaded file and installs the contents of the package folder into the 9thdawnclunkycontrolsextendededition folder in the users documents folder. the package folder is likely in the c:\users\dave\documents folder, so if you want to install to a different location, you must change the installation location. then you may need to change the 9thdawnclunkycontrolsextendededition location in the applications or desktop folders in the users documents folder.

dawn has been playing myst again and again recently. the myst requires you to walk around a map trying to collect things and find other people and puzzles to try and solve to progress. the download contains an 'old skool' version of the game. to download, simply click here to get the free 'dawn classic' game from 9th dawn:

enter the world of dawn classic and solve puzzles, talk to people, talk to animals and take pictures. ultimately there will be a download button to download the game for you to play. you could also check out the upcoming projects for more of the experience of this 'old skool' version of our game. a download can be found there as well.

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