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Baixar Blok Master Corporate Com Serial

for more information about the serial device servers. mps overview and others, please consult the following documents. consult the following documents for reference about meinberg products and services: - meinberg service manual - provides detailed information about the operational processes and basic functions

baixar blok master corporate com serial

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the op-260/op-390 has been designed to be used with ncs cable/s-bus services. when the op-260 is connected to a ncs standard cable/s-bus service, the adapter generates a numeric interrupt signal that is converted into an alpha signal by the op-260 controller chip and transmitted to ncs. only one server device (ctf-u6) of the ncs standard cable/s-bus is allowed to connect to the op-260 at any time.

the device is compatible with tcp/ip network proximity services (ncs) via xbee. the xbee controller is included with the unit and it can be configured for one of two modes: ncs mode generates a numeric "ncs-x" signal as a response to tcp/ip ncs request tcp/ip mode generates a numeric tcp/ip "cs-x" signal as a response to tcp/ip ncs request

the op-260 incorporates the aardvark snap-atd-ii serial at-device interface. the interface allows access to the aardvark snap-atd-ii serial at-device controller chip via a hardware uart. the unit is equipped with a 2n (2-pin) jack connector for a memory expansion module. by pressing the reset button, the unit starts a new data word. a separate software is required to connect the unit to an at-device.

b. aardvark dynamically linked library - dll versioning: the xbee adapter and the rts/ptx family of device servers are based on a dynamically linked library. it contains a core part of the functionalities which is used by other software components of meinberg products and services. this library can be a shared library as well as the complete software can be downloaded as a binary file (compressed).


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