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The Green Chic: A Hilarious and Heartfelt Animated Movie in Hindi Dubbed

The Green Chic In Hindi Dubbed Download

Are you looking for a fun and educational animated movie for your kids? Do you want to watch it in Hindi dubbed version? If yes, then you might be interested in The Green Chic movie. The Green Chic is a 2011 Indian animated film that tells the story of a baby chick who goes on an adventure to save his mother from a hunter. The movie is full of humor, action, emotion, and environmental awareness. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about The Green Chic movie and how to download it in Hindi dubbed version. We will also give you some alternatives to downloading the movie if you prefer other options. So, let's get started!

The The Green Chic In Hindi Dubbed Download

The Green Chic Movie Details

The Green Chic is a 2011 Indian animated film directed by Sudhir Mehta and produced by Sapna Mehta. The movie features the voices of Shiv Jasani, Parshwa Shah, Aryan Shah, and Nirmit Shah as the main characters. The movie was released on June 17, 2011 in India and received positive reviews from critics and audiences. The movie has a runtime of 90 minutes and a budget of Rs. 5 crore. The movie belongs to the genre of comedy, adventure, drama, and family. The movie is rated U for universal audience and suitable for all ages.

The Green Chic Movie Review

The Green Chic movie is a delightful and heartwarming animated film that appeals to both children and adults. The movie has a simple but engaging plot that follows the journey of a baby chick named Chiclet who escapes from a farm and goes on a quest to find his mother who was captured by a hunter. Along the way, he meets various animals who help him or hinder him in his mission. He also learns about the importance of nature and wildlife conservation.

The movie has many strengths and few weaknesses. The strengths include the animation quality, the voice acting, the humor, the emotion, and the message. The animation quality is impressive and realistic, especially for an Indian production. The voice acting is lively and expressive, especially by the young actors who play the main roles. The humor is witty and funny, with many jokes and puns that will make you laugh. The emotion is touching and moving, with many scenes that will make you cry or smile. The message is relevant and meaningful, with a strong emphasis on environmental awareness and animal rights.

The weaknesses include the clichés, the stereotypes, and the songs. The clichés are predictable and common, with many scenes that you have seen before in other movies. The stereotypes are exaggerated and offensive, with some characters that are portrayed as negative or inferior based on their gender, race, or species. The songs are unnecessary and boring, with some songs that are out of place or interrupt the flow of the story.

Overall, The Green Chic movie is a wonderful and enjoyable animated film that deserves to be watched by everyone. It is a rare gem in the Indian animation industry that showcases the talent and creativity of the filmmakers. It is a movie that will entertain you, educate you, and inspire you.

The Green Chic Movie Songs

The Green Chic movie has six songs in its soundtrack. The songs are composed by Shamir Tandon and sung by various singers such as Kunal Ganjawala, Sunidhi Chauhan, Shaan, Shreya Ghoshal, etc. The songs are written by Sameer Anjaan and Sudhir Mehta. Here is a list of the songs in the movie:





The Green Chic Theme Song

Kunal Ganjawala

Shamir Tandon

Sameer Anjaan

Mummy Mummy Mummy

Sunidhi Chauhan

Shamir Tandon

Sudhir Mehta

Chiclet Ka Birthday


Shamir Tandon

Sudhir Mehta

Jungle Mein Mangal

Shreya Ghoshal

Shamir Tandon

Sudhir Mehta

Bachpan Ka Pyaar

Kunal Ganjawala & Shreya Ghoshal

Shamir Tandon

Sudhir Mehta

Mera Desh Mera Watan

Kunal Ganjawala & Sunidhi Chauhan b70169992d


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