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Arknights Download Stuck at 100%? Here's How to Solve It

Hi, today i download Arknights from apkpure. I just try to open but when i open Yostar icons bla bla comes but it stucks. I changed phone version to Google Pixel 2. I solve the stuck fix now but i have a new problem.

Update : after I clear the cache now it have to download 2gb worth of update again after the 400mb update of Google play store great... I can only get out 2 days later to the city... Zzzz whelp everyone have a goodluck

arknights download stuck

Download File:

Some users have encountered the problem that Arknights may get a black screen and stuck during the startup process. The problem is caused by the game cannot compatible well with Android 5. Here is the solution for those who have encountered this problem.

If your connections seem to be slow but working, try restarting your router or contacting your ISP for help. You can also download apps using your data in the meantime to check if your network is the problem.

1. Go to Settings and tap Apps.2. Select Google Play Store, tap More (usually represented by three dots) and select Uninstall updates.3. Open Google Play and try to download the app again.

There are many possible reasons why the apps that you are trying to download and install are stuck in pending. The most common ones are having too many apps listed in the download queue or a slow internet connection.

If none of the above methods work, open the C:\Program Files\ folder, find the dnplayerext2 folder, clear the entire folder and download the emulator again if you are running LDPlayer 3; if you are running LDPlayer 4, find the ldplayerbox folder under the C:\Program Files folder, clear it and download the emulator again.

If it is the case that the subsequent opened LDPlayer is stuck at 94% when multiple LDPlayer are opened, you can try to close the LDPlayer that was stuck at 94% and create another new LDPlayer.If the newly created one cannot be opened normally, you need to check whether it is overflow problem of temporary storage of CPU, memory, or graphics card.If there is an overflow of occupancy, you need to check whether there is a problem with the parameter settings of the emulator. For details, please refer to: How to open as many instances of LDPlayer as possible.

This is most commonly caused by the patch server hosting corrupted files, causing GW2 to infinitely download them as it never gets what it expects. To fix this, you have to edit the hosts file to manually select a patch server:

Whenever you stop the download, the launcher will reset the percentage to zero. But, if you look at the number of files to download, you will see that there are only the number of remaining files (to download).

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Hello to all, I also have the 93% problem stuck, can you tell me step by step what i should do to solve it? (I am Italian and the google translation does not make me understand much what you have posted previously) Thanks

The problem is the patch servers can host incomplete files. If a specific file is 10 MB for example, the server may only have the first 5 MB of it. When GW2 goes to download this file, its length doesn't match what it expected so it tries again and again (sample from 2020).

I have downloaded using WiFi and with enough space. Moreover, I have updated Google Play Services but not Google Play Store. I have tried all the solution like clear cache, force stop blah blah but yet there is a issue.

I've also read Apps won't install (silently fail after 100% downloaded) and checked its offered solutions. However my problem is a bit different that the one described there: After installing neither it throws an error stating "download failed" or "installing failed" nor it installs. Just stuck there for an hour unless and until WiFi gets disconnected. Sometime when it reach 100% it again starts itself to begin from 1% to download and so on.

If you are stuck in the story, this means leveling up your operators. Upgrade their skills and get them promoted to elite, once the character's maximum level is reached. To do this, you have to go through the Supplies mode in which several modules are available to you. So stuff it when you need it!

Purchased FS2020 a couple of weeks ago and cannot even get the game installed. It gets stuck decompressing at the same place every time. Can't say how many times I have deleted the stuck file and restarted but it's a lot. I have tried a clean boot, run a memory check, reinstalled graphics drivers, disabled ipv6, turned off anti-virus, etc., etc. as suggested in this and many other forums. No joy.

It gets stuck on decompressing 260/337 of the initial download every time which is either fs-base-aircraft-icao-0.1.4.fspatch or asobo-material-lib-0.1.39.fspatch. I have let it run for hours (overnight a couple of times) and it will not progress beyond the point of 260 out of 337 on the initial download.

In the meantime this can be worked around perhaps? By downloading info json (--write-info-json) then using jq for value extraction with tool like MP4Box or AtomicParsley for tagging? Should be faster, right? Anyone has idea how too hook it as postprocessor?

Update Note-This is a mandatory update, after which you should download and install the app again manually. Please log in and bind your account to at least one third-party account before the update if you are currently using a guest account to play the game.

So when we downloaded this game and was on the part to install the files we chose the 2200 mb but when it reached 80 percent it stopped and trust us we have good internet so idk this game is just unplayable.

We downloaded the game for IOS and after 1 day the sound is completely gone. The story for event are horrendously & unnecessary long. The gacha rates could be better but Im glad theres a pity system in place. Overall its a fun game to have and we love the combat system of it.

You may use keymapping for several types of gameplay and to test various Android applications. With LD Player, you may effortlessly download any application that is accessible through Google Play Store.

Developed by HyperGryph and published by Yostar Limited, Arknights exhibits the peak potential of the tower defense genre complete with all the elements that make it challenging along with twists of its own to make it even more exciting. Earning well over a hundred thousand downloads and securing top ranks in mobile game charts in several countries, Arknights has proven itself to be among the top of its class within the month of its release.


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