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공개·회원 8명

Ad Astra (2019)

An opulent blend of fruit and oak, with citrus and buttered toast flavors predominating; other aromas include hazelnuts, pear, mango, and peach syrup. On the fullish palate, flavors include citrus, lemon curd, buttered toast, and custard, along with hints of spice and minerality. Made from 100% certified organic grapes, grown at the Adastra Vineyard in Carneros, Napa Valley.

Ad Astra (2019)

The 2019 Adastra Syrah is a beautiful, dark, maroon-colored wine. It has aromas of raspberries, red currants, red apple, plum, vanilla, black pepper, and all spice. On the palate there are fruit and spice flavors, along with a hint of dark chocolate. This Syrah is medium in body with supple tannins, and a smooth, mouthwatering finish. Syrah grapes for Adastra wines are estate-grown on our 12-acre Carneros, Napa Valley vineyard and certified organic by the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF). 142 cases crafted.

Roy is finally forced to confront the awful truth that his father is way more disappointing than he was led to believe. But, because Roy is only human, he remains convinced he can bring his father back to Earth and they can sort through their issues on terra firma. Roy makes his way to the Lima Project space station and finds Clifford in a shaggier, moodier state than Helen's video message. Clifford has completely retreated into his own mind, far more comfortable looking to the stars (ahem, don't you mean "ad astra," Allie?) and the possibilities that await and giving up on humanity altogether. This includes forsaking Roy, the son he barely knew, and coldly demanding to be left to his mission in peace. Heartbroken, Roy gathers his wits and copies all data from the Lima Project archives. He also arms the space station with a nuclear payload because, as we learn throughout in the movie, a massive electrical called The Surge threatens all life on Earth and it's believed the Lima Project station is the cause of it. So, buh-bye, space station. Roy also manages to tether Clifford to him in an effort to get them both back onto Roy's ship, but Clifford begs Roy to untether him and let him drift out into the dark unknown, his true home, and Roy acquiesces. Once home, Roy embraces the Lima Project's ultimate conclusion that humans are, in fact, the only intelligent life in the known universe and begins embracing his human side by attempting to reconnect with his estranged wife (Liv Tyler). 041b061a72


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